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Online Moving Boxes

Whether you are in need of some boxes for storage at your home or business, or for a move to a self storage facility, acquiring these  supplies just got a lot easier.  You can now order these items online, at prices that are substantially lower than retailers, and have them delivered to  you with free of freight charges to most USA Cities. Go here to order and get up to 15% OFF NOW!

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Protecting your belongings while they are being stored in boxes is the purpose for using them in the first place. However, as you might assume, not all boxes are alike and you want to make sure you have a good quality box. Making yourself familiar with moving box industry standards is a good place to start before making a decision on what types of boxes to use. Below are some questions and answers about moving boxes and moving supplies, as well as about our company and our services:

Proper Box Strength – Key to Protecting Your Items
Cardboard or corrugated boxes come in numerous shapes, sizes, and strengths.  The stronger the box, the better it will be at protecting its contents. The moving industry is fairly standardized and professional movers typically use moving boxes that  have a strength rating of at least 32 ECT (or 200lb test). Weak or used boxes can crumble under pressure. No moving, truck rental or self storage company should offer a moving box weaker than 32 ECT (200lb test). There are some sellers that offer much weaker (by 46 %) 150lb test boxes and calling them moving boxes. BE CAREFUL! These types of boxes were actually made for light-weight usage and ought to not be used for moving.

How To Determine The Strength OF Your Box
All boxes have a certificate seals printed on the bottom flap by the manufacturer accrediting the box’s strength. Industry standard require Moving Boxes to be a 200lb test weight or 32 ECT. Larger boxes for heavier items should have a greater test weight/strength. Likewise, on the certificate, it will state the weight that the box is designed to handle. Just because a box is huge, doesn’t imply it can carry a lot of weight. See to it to inspect box strength prior to you make a purchase to make sure they are adequate for your demands.

Why We Are Able To Sell Our Products At Such Low Prices
We are not a box producer, we are a box distributor. We buy hundreds of boxes every year, so we have the ability to get high volume discounts from our providers. By focusing specifically in the moving business, we get excellent prices on our large orders and pass along the cost savings.

We Sell Only New Boxes
Used Boxes deteriorate and get weaker through previous use. Moisture due to heat or cold is a major contributor to weakening a box. One of the most significant concerns is the side of the box, where the seam is glued. Gradually, this glue ends up being undependable. If you do make use of used boxes, you need to check them thoroughly prior to packing. WE DO NOT OFFER MADE USE OF BOXES because shipping policies for carriers (like UPS and FedEx) may restrict the use of made use of boxes.

How We Are Able To Ship For Free
Shipping is expensive, but we keep our costs low shipping from warehouses throughout the country. This makes your delivery time faster and your boxes arrive in better condition (not after days and 1000’s of miles on a truck).

Return Policy/Guarantee
If you acquire our moving boxes and packing supplies and are not satisfied, you can return them within (14) days of receipt for a refund. No partial returns are accepted; All orders will incur a $5 restocking fee per package and orders already in transit will incur a UPS intercept fee of $12.35 per package.